Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Quilt Ready to Show.

The calendar tells me we have been home in NZ for  a month - it now seems much longer. What have I been doing?
I sewed the binding on this quilt ( black on black - what was I thinking! ) and made a label to match. It may be the only thing I have ready to show at our annual exhibition in 3 weeks time. All the other quilts I made in the last 12 months have been given away. Maybe I have some small items for the sales table.

Aren't blue and yellow wonderful together.......these are 4 lemons from my small new bush in the flower garden...unblemished , but the tree needs them off to grow well. I made 4 lovely jars of lemon honey ( curd or cheese. ). The secret to that is using sharp tasting tart lemons ( meyer ) and putting in lots of fine zest. Yum!

I've been gardening . Weeding ( lots ) planting and sowing seed. A little new wobbly row of radish.
Some Spring colour - wow I have yellow freesias seeded everywhere.

The mizuna plants will go to seed and should be pulled out or I will have them everywhere, BUT the bees are so enjoying it.20 on one plant. Unfortunately that is close to the clothes line so the bees have you know what all over the washing...especially the pale blue sheets. So anything white ( shirts or tops ) are being hung inside or put out over night. BEE PEE is not a ligitamite embellishment or accessory.
This area behind has been cleared for a new deck that hasn't happened yet. ( the birds are using it as their #1 dust bath area.)

 I treated myself to a copy of the September NZ gardener magazine and it has some new and interesting plants to try. I saw it had an article "Slime Fighters, " Isabelle, but it doesn't really come up with anything new for trapping/ Killing slugs and snails - beer, coffee grounds; sharp shell; diatomaceous earth. The most likely are hedgehogs or birds - as I thought.Or go out at night with a torch and squash them!

 This isn't in my garden wish it was. It is just a simple idea but looked so good...I wonder if I could find one of those for old pumps for our garden? ( taken as you can read outside  Piskey Cove which is in Pentewan,... in Cornwall. )


Jennifer said...

Ali, thank you for all the lovely pics of your holiday....I have been enjoying your travelogue very much! It's good to be home again but hard to come back to reality, isn't it.

Meggie said...

Your garden always looks so lovely. I have lost most of my herbs to snails and slugs. Morty eats all the little lizards that normally keep the snails down. Life is complicated.

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

Hoping to get round more of your blog in due course and enjoy your quilting too. I am so envious of your bee-on-a-flower photo, as I tried to capture bees in a willow tree for my Catkins post, but the breeze kept blowing them around!