Monday, September 05, 2011

Lovely Lake District.

From Scotland we travelled by train down to the Lake District. The young 2 had been there recently so they went back to London.We really enjoyed seeing the countryside from those speedy trains but had 2 incidents on our journey - One involving an alarm clock the other happened when we were supposed to change trains at Oxenholme. There we are standing ready at the door with our cases and the train door refused to open. Other passengers  got up to assist - no luck; it wouldn't open. The train pulls out and we are still on it. Bugger! We travelled on to the next stop and dragged our bags to a different door and got off at Lancaster. After the train left we went straight to the lady station master standing on the platform with a 2 way radio and told her what happened. " Not a problem, " she said. "Just quickly get yourselves through the underpass to the line going the other way, a  train is due shortly."  She radioed her mate over the other side and said, "Pop these 2 into 1st class and send them back to Oxenholme". That's what happened...we even got back just in time to catch our connecting train to Windermere. On that leg of the journey we passed through country stations in little villages like Kendal. This is how busy it gets.
 We stayed at Bowness slightly up the hill close to Biskey Howe, in a lovely B & B called No. 80, with Colin and Mandy. They were so nice. As we were the oldest of their guests they up graded us to their best room with a nice view and a 4 poster bed. Mandy's berry fruit salad as part of breakfast was so good, the scrambled eggs weren't bad either. What lovely friendly folk.
Of course we went up the lake and down the lake ( Windermere ) on a cruise ( twice ). One day warm the other a bit drizzly.

It really is very relaxing being on the water.

We went down the lake to Lakeside and caught the steam train to Haverthwaite and back. The train takes on water then ambles along to the other end, all of which are part of the entertainment..

It a slow journey as steam trains are with fabulous views all around us.

Houses by the river Leven.
These pretty summer flower planters were at the car park.
 R then went to the motor museum while I visited the aquarium and saw otters and other aquatic life..... the smell chased me out after a while.

At the other end of the lake at Ambleside ( or Waterhead ) , we explored the little town and had lunch at the Giggling Goose which is right beside this old waterwheel, on the river Stock.( there used to be lots of waterwheels powering mills for corn and wool and flax.
What an interesting setting. The lunch they served was far far too large. Half of mine ( and lots of others I noticed ) remained on the plate - what a waste. The previous day we had lunch upstairs at Oscar's overlooking the lake and that was lovely soup and homemade bread - just  right that day.
 Before we left the area we climbed up Biske Howe to see the view of the lake from a high point . No wonder this has been a popular place to holiday for hundreds of years.
 We caught our train from Windermere ( lovely station ) back to Euston, London with no other incidents and enjoyed that journey too.

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Janice said...

Lovely photos. Although we both visited the area, we had totally different experiences. We had lunch at Kendal and crossed Windermere on a car ferry, other than that we saw different places. Ullswater was the area we mainly saw. It is such a picturesque area. I could spend a lot more time there.