Monday, April 13, 2020

Day 19.

Something bright today, a yellow low growing dahlia.
 We have cloudy weather with the odd shower. In the night it was quite stormy and 11 mls in the rain gauge this morning. Thanks. So no time watering plants today.
 I took this shot yesterday. Nice neighbours tree is just starting to colour up. I hope you are all okay Chins up.


kiwikid said...

Lovely colour dahlia. That tree will be very pretty over the next few days. All good here, beautiful calm sunny day. Good to hear you have had some rain.

loulee said...

We had a little rain overnight too.
Pretty Dahlias.

local alien said...
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Mary said...

We had terrible storms across the southern states last night - many tornados touched down and sadly many deaths and horrific property damage. Where will the poor people go who have lost their homes go - and in he midst of a pandemic - it just doesn't bear thinking about. Someone, something is out to get us I fear!!!!

Meanwhile, like me, enjoy the flowers, and stay safe Ali.
Hugs - Mary

Janice said...

The rain would have been very welcome. I love your rope dividing fence. So much nicer than a solid one.