Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Day 20

Violets today hiding down low  between the leave as there is a trashing wind here today.
 I did bend right down for a smell of them though. Ahh.
 Have had a bit more rain too.

 Venturing out to pick up feijoas ( 55 )  I found windfall avocados 2 tiny last tomatoes and a very small handful of tender young beans.
 I last went to the supermarket on 13th March so when kind neighbour offered to go for us all again tomorrow, I said yes please and gave her a short list.

 Today it is  my blogs anniversary. I first put up a post on the 14th April in 2006. 
 I went back and read a few post from then. It was around Easter time that year too.
 It isn't hard to know a title for my blog at the moment. ( day 20....it feels a lot longer than that )
 Stay safe . Be creative.


kiwikid said...

Love the violets, they are a favourite flower. As a kid we had them growing along the driveway, I used to pick great hand fills, the perfume is beautiful. Ah feijoas, I wish we had them here!! Great to still get produce from the garden.

loulee said...

Bounty from the garden is always good.
Hope your neighbour is able to get everything on your list.
I have a big patch of violets growing here too, I love the scent and they make great ground cover.

Janice said...

You’re doing well to not have to leave home. Aren’t we lucky that it is the time of year when we can harvest from our gardens.

Raewyn said...

Good to hear that you have been having some rain - your garden certainly looks healthy.