Thursday, April 23, 2020

Day 29.

A little mauve Larkspur. Not a very large or vigorous specimen. I think it grew from seed from a packet of mixed cottage garden seeds.,thrown over everything already growing in the flower bed. I will let it seed again for next year. I also love its relative the delphiniums but don't have any at the moment
 I finished the scary book and have started a new one by an author I read before and liked. She is Australian Belinda Alexandra. . I am reading Wild  Lavender set in 1930s and war years in Provence France then Paris then Berlin then New York. So far so good. The previous one I read was called Sapphire Skies.
 The day was dull and cloudy but the sun appeared for a while . I was out gardening again but R started mowing then a neighbour so I had stereo mowing...not my favourite loud tune!
 I think everyone had the same idea cut the grass now while it's dry because we have had just  enough rain to make it grow again.
 Hope you are all okay. Some sunshine certainly helps the mood . Nights and mornings much chillier now - Autumn weather.
 Thanks for your Comments Ladies I do appreciate you making them.


loulee said...

What a pretty flower.
I often find I have stereo or even surround sound mowing going on here, especially the night before the bins are emptied! LOL

kiwikid said...

That is a very pretty flower. Mowers x 2 is a bit much to handle!! Enjoy your reading.

Janice said...

There has been lots of mowing around our area on weekends too. We’ve also had beautiful autumn weather here with cool mornings and evenings. The heater had now started to be used.

Raewyn said...

The larkspur is a pretty wee flower. I'm enjoying the autumn temperatures, we have had a couple of lovely days, and even a bit of rain thrown in! It sounds like I should hunt out this author.

molly said...

So that's what it's called - larkspur! It pops up occasionally, unannounced under our azalea bushes, shines for a few hours then slinks away. I love this little visitor but had no idea what it was!