Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Day 28.

Today a small white cyclamen growing under the big tree at the front gate. It is difficult to get detail in a photo of white flowers - not enough shadow.
 If you look really closely it is in this piece of garden that I spent 2 hours weeding and tidying this afternoon. A fabulous BOP day today. Started off chilly though.
 This garden does a little better than the one on the opposite side of the drive as it is a little shadier.The hedge behind is the boundary between us # 33 and # 34 which is for sale.

Aren't these interesting little cones on the Swamp Cypress tree. It has 100s.
 It is the only really large tree we have on the bottom flat down by the jetty and the water.
 They can actually grow in water hence the common name. 
 The water is on the left of the tree. and it does get slightly wet from a big tide. We haven't had one that far up since we have lived here but we have photos of the last time it did flood.
 The best examples of this tree that I have seen are at Ayrlies in South Auckland area.

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kiwikid said...

Lovely cyclamen, and the garden bed looks great. I guess with new houses going over the years, the big trees get taken out, nice to see you still have one.