Thursday, April 02, 2020

Day 8.

 Thanks for your comments it is encouraging me to post every day. I forgot to say yesterday that we have now lived in Bay of Plenty for 42 years. We moved here from Taranaki on April 1 1978.

 Today's flower is Alyssum. Not a showy one but great as a ground cover around other plants. It self seeds well too. This was a packet of mixed pastel colours.
I got to these feijoas before anything else chewed them.They were warm lying in the sun when I picked them up. Yum.

 I did some baking today.
Chewy Fruit Slice.

 Here it is in the sponge roll tin . It needs pressing down flat but is quite a sticky mixture.
 This is my trick for doing that without wasting any stuck to your hand. Wrap a small piece of glad wrap around your fingers and it doesn't stick at all.
 It is seriously yummy. Here's the recipe.

1 1/2 cups of flour ;  1 tsp of baking powder. ; 2 cups  dried fruit ( apricots sultanas etc ) ;
1 egg; 1 cup of sugar; 150 grams of butter; 1 tblsp of golden syrup ; 1 cup of coconut.

 Method: Melt butter and sugar and golden syrup. Let cool. Add egg and beat in. Mix into dried ingredients . Press into a greased or lined flat tin ( sponge roll tin )   
 Bake 20 -30 minutes at 180 degrees C.         Watch the first time you make it as ovens are all different. ( mine took less time ) 
 Cool then cut into slices. Keep refrigerated or better still freeze some of it as it's very tempting.


Charlotte Scott said...

Yum, this recipe sounds delish. I’ll pass it to my daughter who’s always looking for something new to try.

Janice said...

Alyssum is a favourite of ours too. It handles the really hot weather surprisingly well, which has been a bonus the last couple of summers. I have one tiny little flower poking up through our lawn at the moment, as well as several others from self seeding. The feijoas look yummy, as does your slice. I might have to give it a try. All the ingredients are in my pantry.

kiwikid said...

Your recipe sounds wonderful, I will try it with gluten free flour and see what happens 😁😁. I miss having feijoa, loved them when I was young our neighbour had a huge row of them as a shelter for other fruit. As kids we spent hours under the trees playing and eating!! Alyssum is a wonderful plant.

loulee said...

My feijoas are nowhere near ready yet, and they are tiny this year. I have a recipe for them I should share with you. Thanks for sharing your slice recipe, I may give it a go.