Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Day 34. The first of level 3.

 Today a little bedding dianthus ( same family as carnations ). I am struggling now to find new  flowers out  in this garden. I have thousands of older flower photos but I started this showing just ones flowering now.( I don't want to repeat myself ). ( yes it does have a cerise centre but gives the overall impression of being pink. )
 Level 3 for us starts today - no change for us at all except the local garage was able to open with social distancing and they finished fixing the old blue truck...poor old truck locked up in the dark for 34 days...seems none the worse for it. So I have driven down the main road today about 4.5 kms and back so R could drive the truck home.
 R ordered a meat box from the Bethlehem Butcher by phone and was able to collect it so he's happy  (he's the bigger meat eater ).
 I tried again to put in a grocery order for later in the week. It was sizeable but   something was wrong right at the end  ( over loaded I suspect ) and so all that time was lost...my order was not placed.
 I will give it a quick try again tomorrow and if it is the same I will be brave and go in person to shop.
 Today I  hosed all my flower gardens, I haven't had time for a walk yet...that might also be pleasant but I'm rather sick of the same old same old places to go.
 Like Raewyn I don't quite know why I started Blogging every day of lock down. I will ease up now and only post when I have plenty of time and something different to talk about.
 Thanks to those ladies who have kindly supported me during this time. Cheers Ladies.

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kiwikid said...

It has been interesting to read your blog every day, big commitment on your part though. Another pretty flower, I hope the easing of the restrictions work for you all.