Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Day 14.

 A beautiful red Nerine. I made sure when we moved here from the orchard that a few of my many Nerines came with me. When these bulbs are happy they multiply really quickly forming high mounds that need thinning and replanting. I hope these ones will do the same in this garden.

  I love these liquid amber leaves that I see in a neighbour's garden when I walk. I like their shape as well as the colour. Outside at the moment there is heavy cloud cover. Just a few spits so far.Our garden desperately want some rain please. It has been forecast so here's hoping.
Today I baked  a sticky date loaf. It is a recipe I first made back in 1966 when i was in Country Girls and Young Farmers Club. That's awhile ago!
 New Zealand is hanging in there. the total has reached 1210 today with 282 recovered and still just the one death..
 Rain just starting as I type!!!


kiwikid said...

Good to hear hear you are getting some rain. That nerine is a beautiful flower. Hubby is planning on planting a liquid amber in our back yard once he can go buy a tree.

Janice said...

I hope that the rain keeps on for you. I haven’t seen red nerines before, only pink ones. They look to be flowering beautifully.

loulee said...

I love Nerines. I have a few of the pink variety here, have to really as it is my sisters name.