Monday, April 06, 2020

Day 12

    Another Gerbra today growing in the same place as yesterday's one.

 Very pleased with how these turned out.
 If I  had it available dried peel would have been good( I just used lemon zest - but not enough ) 

 I did a different walk today.
 Go out the gateway and turn left twice and right at the roundabout.
 Theses trees are just going to get better and better as the days go by. ( Liquid ambers , oaks etc. ) Where the street ends I just keep walking across the grass and down a hill.
 Halfway down  I sat down and watched the bird life and fish jumping.
 If you enlarge this photo and look hard in the right half you may see the Royal spoonbills all on a little island. They are very white.
 Just around that corner where the track disappears are mallard ducks , Paradise ducks and between 60 and 70 Canadian geese( poo machines ) ( the same ones that sometimes are around our side of the estuary, pooing everywhere )
 My walk took ages.....not because it is that far but because many neighbours were out in their gardens and they all greeted me and we chatted from a wide distance.

 The other thing that made today so nice was our kindest neighbour, who we share our bottom boundary with ( through the rope fence ) said she was going to the supermarket tomorrow morning and would be happy to pick up a few things for us.
 I decided to say yes cause she is not going out of her way and I haven't been to the supermarket since the 13th of March!  
 We would never have starved but we may have run out of a few things like dish washing liquid etc.
 R mowed all the grass around the mailboxes and pavilion and communal ground today, so that was useful.

 While I was out near the front gate a fresh delivery van came  in - sitting beside the lady driver  who waved was a huge big blue teddy bear! 


loulee said...

Sounds like a lovely walk, even with goose poo! LOL
How nice of your neighbour to offer to shop for you. We collect things for Tony's parents to keep them out of town and away from people.
Teddies are popping up everywhere.

kiwikid said...

Wonderful walk, it is always good to get out in the fresh air and you have lovely surroundings. Your neighbours lovely to offer supermarket shopping. Nice to see the delivery lady.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

It looks like a beautiful walk. Always nice to take a different path for a change of pace. It is great that your neighbor is willing to go shopping for you.

Janice said...

Those hot cross buns look delicious. I can't imagine why people don't like them with fruit. Your walk looks lovely. This autumn weather certainly helps. That was nice of your neighbour.