Monday, April 27, 2020

Day 33.

                                                        Gazania - Copper sunset.
 Sorry  Pam D it's orange but changes colour shades as it ages,. I got over not liking or wanting orange flowers in my garden ( I still dislike cerise ones ) I has nasturtiums under one cherry tree and they did too well.                                             

 I did 35 minutes sewing this morning and got  my machine cover to this stage. The pocket will sit at the front bottom edge and is at this stage in 2 parts. I could make one side into 2 smaller pockets. I'll see how it works first. The pocket itself is a folded double layer of fabric and I have double stitched the dividing line so it won't rip out if it has weight put in it.
 Now all that remains is for me to trim it and add the binding and sew that down
  Stage 3  of lock down starts at midnight tonight.
 It sounds like progress. I hope it is.

 Thanks All for your comments I enjoy getting them and reading them.


loulee said...

Your machine cover is coming along nicely.
A good idea to double stitch the pocket.

kiwikid said...

Pretty flower, your machine cover is looking great.