Monday, April 20, 2020

Day 26

This coleus is growing in the garden. It shouldn't be flowering. I usually nip the tips out, that way the plant lasts longer. From one punnet of coleus plants months ago I got this plant and another yellow and green one which I planted  in a pot which have thrived. 4 others in more exposed places survived but not as well or as robust. ( good value though )
 Feeling in a better mood today( thank goodness ). I have proceeded with the book and will finish it. I will select the next one with more care...something with a little humour would be good.

 Today I did a first for me. I ordered groceries on line at my preferred Supermarket and can pick them up outside tomorrow afternoon. Took me a while but I will be better at it next time.
 I last shopped there on the 13th March and have only had 2 x 9 things got by good neighbour.
 As R pointed out we over 70s could be shopping this way for quite some time yet

 There are still a few veges available in the garden. Tonight we are having chicken and  vege with ginger stir fry.and rice.
 I made another successful loaf of bread and my flour supplies are holding out well, but I am spending way more time in the kitchen than I normally do. Knowing I have supplies coming tomorrow should let me relax a bit.
 Keep smiling everyone . As we don't have  many options it's the best one.


loulee said...

Sorry to read you had a bad day. Good that you are feeling better.
Take care and be well.

kiwikid said...

Good to hear you had are feeling better, and well done ordering on line. Great produce from the garden.

Janice said...

I’ve just been catching up on your last few days. You have so many colourful flowers at the moment. They really brighten things up. It’s so nice to be getting fresh produce from the garden. I envy you those beautiful walnuts. You were lucky to inherit another tree. Enjoy your stitching and I hope you can find a light hearted book to read.