Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Day 13.

 Today one of my favourite flowers of all. Carnations or Dianthus. This one is Dianthus Dancing Queen and has a lovely delicate perfume: slightly smells of cloves and other things but distinctly carnation.
 They last well picked or in the garden. I have 2 of this one and several others.

 No walk today as I decided to do 2 stints in the garden. One cleaning up around all the veges that are still producing and this afternoon one of the flower gardens.

 Our lovely neighbour did well, she got everything  ( 9 items ) we asked for. I found out later she shopped for two other households as well so 4 in total. What a wonderful neighbour to us all ( I'm so glad we share fruit and veges with them we we have a surplus)

 Today in  New Zealand we have 1160 cases  to date with 241 recovered and still just the one death.
 Stay safe  .


loulee said...

I love dianthus, they always make me smile, and smell so lovely.
You do have a good neighbour. We share too when we have extra veggies.

kiwikid said...

The dianthus is a beautiful flower, we had some but I think we lost them during the summer. Thank goodness for your wonderful neighbour.

Janice said...

It sounds like a nice day pottering in the garden. That is a pretty dianthus. Our little ones came from Mum's garden, but only flower in spring.