Sunday, April 05, 2020

Day 11.

Today's flower is a lemony yellow gerbra. It struggled during the really hot weather ( being quite newly planted ) but with water and time it now seems happy. No perfume but delightful flower face.

 This morning we had a successful 30 minute SKYPE with friends in Lethbridge in Canada. It was a good connection and didn't freeze or drop out so that was a good catch up.

This is not a good photo because all the light is outside but I wanted to show you that my Ted is joining all the other bears around the world even tho he's at the upstairs window and only one neighbour has spotted him. The driveway is quite long and there aren't many little kids. He shows up best at night when the light is on .( I took photos but they are not good. )

This is a progress shot. I am making Hot Cross buns. Here they are rising. I used the bread maker to get the dough to this stage.

 Today in NZ there are 1039 cases of Covid - 19     180 have recovered and still just 1 death.
 Stay safe stay busy everyone.


loulee said...

I love Gerberas they do like a lot of water don't they?
Good to see Teddy getting a look out of the window. We live on a shared drive, with not many passers by. There is a family at the top though and they go for daily walks or bike rides, so I swap my teddy every day or three.

kiwikid said...

That gerbra is stunning. The hot cross buns look wonderful. Great you had a successful Skype session, always good to catch up with friends. We have bears in the window too. Stay safe.

Janice said...

Gerberas are so cheerful. Just what we need now. It's fun to join in with the teddies, isn't it. Imagine what this would be like if we didn't have the internet. That would be a much bleaker outcome. NZ seems to be managing COVID-19 rather well. Let's hope the death toll remains very low.