Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Day 35.

I know I said I was having a break from this but I did find a couple of things flowering that I hadn't shown here. These wee ones are blue cornflowers. Blue is not a common colour in flower especially not such a clear bright blue. They grow easily from seed.

 I made a different bread today. A fruit bread with sultanas sesame seed sunflower seeds and some spice and cinnamon. The bottom didn't break out so much this time. I tried it and declared it delicious. ( yes I still have flour! )

 I said I might have to go to the supermarket and shop as normal but I returned to the on line ordering for my New World and found it had saved all my quite long list from yesterday and today it was quite happy for me to complete the order and pay for it so that didn't take long. I cannot pick up till Friday morning though...we can wait. So the only thing I lost was my place in the queue.

 The binding is being  hand stitched down today so the end is in sight.