Saturday, April 25, 2020

Day 31 ( ANZAC Day. )

                 My flower today is of course Papaaver or Poppy.

I am also wearing my handmade poppy.
 We made them at Patchwork and Quilting group in 2015.
 We used candle heat to curl the petals.

 Many Kiwi Families have been very creative in making their own Poppy display for their letterbox front garden or Driveway.
 Last evening I was so thrilled to see a nursery flower grower donating huge beautiful buckets of flowers for South Auckland War Memorials.  Tonight's News will show us how people around NZ  did Remember 


loulee said...

Such a beautiful flower. I love to see real poppies.
Your hand made poppy is very pretty too, so realistic.

kiwikid said...

Beautiful flower. Hasn't it been wonderful seeing people adapt to this ANZAC day.