Sunday, April 19, 2020

Day 25 ( Sunday )

 Today's tiny flower is a trailing lobelia in a terracotta pot.
 It is dark blue / purple and keeps self sowing in the pot.

 It is a dull day - does nothing for my mood. 
 I had to stop at 560 walnuts this afternoon  as the bucket was full. I'll need to find another container and do more tomorrow. All my plastic bowls are full of feijoas.  These along with the previous ones I've collected need more drying in the sun.( when it returns )

 A word of warning . Watch what you read during this locked in time. What I am currently reading "Mapping the Edge," by Sarah Dunant, is scary and disturbing but I guess I must be brave ( its only a story )  and finish it. Maybe not before bedtime tho.


Raewyn said...

oh I love Lobelia and the way they trail and self sow - anything that self sows in my garden is a winner! Good haul of walnuts. Yes, I have feijoas everywhere too - not seeing enough people to give them away!! Hope you got through the reading alright. Well done on keeping up the daily blogging - will today's news bring any relief?

kiwikid said...

Beautiful lovelies, always good to have something that self sees. I hope you managed ok with the book. I am reading lighter things at present, can't wait for the library to reopen!!