Friday, April 03, 2020

Day 9.

A low growing compact wee dahlia that has flowered all summer long. ( no nice perfume tho )
 For those of you who remember my walnut tree on the orchard this walnut tree provides a much reduced and more manageable task for me. I think we will cherish them more than when we had so many.( the quality isn't quite as good tho ) 

 Tonight as part of our dinner I am making battered silver beet. If you don't have much it makes silver beet go a long way OR if like me you have more than 2 people can easily eat it is an alternative way to use it.
 Make any batter you already know how to make and thin it till it stays on the ripped up pieces of leaves and doesn't all run off,   then fry it in hot oil. Eat immediately while still crisp.( only use the green bits ) I think kids quite like it like this too.
 Beautiful weather here again. Stay safe stay sane.


Janice said...

You're lucky to still have a walnut tree. Enjoy. Also, enjoy your silverbeet.

kiwikid said...

Interesting way to eat silverbeet!! Enjoy this walnuts. Your slice recipe from yesterday is wonderful, made with gf flour, tastes fantastic, thank you for sharing.