Thursday, April 16, 2020

Day 22.

Today a Bromiliad called Aechmea fasciata. It is a tropical plant but was in this garden when we came, in a very sheltered spot in front of a photinia hedge with an olive tree overhanging it. It only gets rain but has formed a big clump, so must be happy.
 I have nicknamed this the covid cabbage. It was one of the 9 items I asked for with my shopping.  ($3.29    the grower didn't make any money out of that! )I tried weighing it but my kitchen scales stop at 2kg and it was heavier than that. The scales just said ERR. We didn't have any cabbage ready in the garden and I find it keeps so well and is really versatile as a vege. Raw or cooked - stir fry or microwave only. Never boil it. I personally prefer cabbage to sprouts or broccoli for taste.
 I will report how long it lasts and how many meals it contributes to.
 We do have some seedling ones started but they will be months away.
 A dull calm day here with odd skiffy showers. As part of my walk I checked the mail box and found a local paper and a letter, so worth going.
 We have too many feijoas - ever heard that before !


loulee said...

The bromiliad is beautiful, I only know them as indoor plants.
You can't beat a good crisp cabbage, incredibly versatile.

kiwikid said...

Beautiful flower, the plant must be very happy. Enjoy that cabbage. I like it fried with chopped up bacon and caraway seeds. Yum! I have head the too many feijoas statement before. Usually after my Mum had scooped and frozen a big bag and someone dropped off another one!

Raewyn said...

That's a lovely flower on the bromeliad. It's difficult to give my feijoas away at the moment as we're not seeing anybody so yes, there can be too many feijoas!! I need to start freezing some, to add to the bags that are still the from last year!