Saturday, April 04, 2020

Day 10.

Good to hear the recipe worked.
 Today's flower is a close up of a double Snapdragon or more properly an Antirrhinum. The group of them in different colours have been flowering for an extended time under a cherry tree. They just go on and on.They must be happy in that position as I have often grown them but never had them flower for so long.

 I took some photos when I went on my walk around the closest loop. Usually you see pics when the tide is in . Not today. The walk can be taken in either direction.

 Today I went up the sloping driveway and turned right, then  walked along the short side street , before disappearing down between a gap in the end hedge. Shortly the path comes to this nicely shaded part.
 There is lots more of the same. Some in the sun some in the shade. Around corners up and down slopes.
 At the other end   the track opens out to the bottom flat beside the estuary.

This grassed area belongs to 3 neighbours ( no fences ). In the middle of the photo below is where our bottom flat starts ( further on passed the orange kayak ) 

When it gets to these trees is is our garden. The water and jetty is down to the left in this pic.
 If you look across the grass you can just see the rope fence between us and the next neighbour.  Take a right turn just before the fence and climb up the hill to our next level of garden.

 As you climb this slope there are fruit trees and other trees on both sides. The avocado trees are at the top of the photo.
 There are you puffing?
I  hope you are in good health and doing some daily exercise.


loulee said...

What a lovely walk, especially under those trees.

kiwikid said...

Wonderful walk, lots of changes of scenery, the double snap dragon is very pretty. We are having a wet, windy and stormy day today. Not so keen to go outside.

Janice said...

Thanks for taking us along on your daily walk. You are lucky to have such a nice area to explore.