Sunday, April 26, 2020

Day 32 Sunday.

                         24 hours later and sun all day can do this to a rose.
 This is Golden Wedding and it has been flowering continually all Summer. Not a lot at a time but just a steady ( pickable ) number of blooms. It has a light rosey perfume.
Today we have been able to give away fruit to 3 neighbours and Family  -Feijoas,apples. walnuts and avocados.
 It's lovely to have nice produce to share around.
 The BOP weather today has been magnificent. Still and warm with clear blue sky. 

 9 new covid cases in NZ today No more deaths.
 ( total to date 1470 with 1142 recovered. )


betty-NZ said...

Your rose is just gorgeous and it's fun to watch them open, even at this time of the year.

Feel free to share at My Corner of the World

kiwikid said...

That is a beautiful rose, enjoy your BOP weather. Very nice to be able to share y9ur garden produce.

loulee said...

Sigh, I was supposed to be visiting the BoP next week. We were coming for a fishing trip. Air NZ have credited our flights and hopefully we will be able to visit sometime.
Your rose looks lovely.

molly said...

Beautiful yellow rose - I can almost smell its perfume! Glad you are surviving this strange turn in our world!

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