Saturday, April 11, 2020

Day 17.

 Today the flower on a pot plant is called Huernia . It looks like a succulent but apparently is its own genus.

 The pot stands near the front door. See how the bell flowers hang down;that makes getting a pic of the inside of the flower quite tricky. I guess the pot needs to be up high.

 Earlier  this year these cyclamen had a rest and did not like the heat so I popped them under the outside work bench in the shade and they are very happy.

 This afternoon I sat in the vege patch and went along the row of Brassica pulling these off.  Whtie butterflies are still hanging around.

This morning was a full high tide that made its way up onto the lawn as it does every time there is a 2.1 metre tide. The jetty looks like it is is almost floating We have a fabulous sunny day.
Son's wood pile is surrounded


kiwikid said...

That is a very interesting looking plant, pretty flower. Always good to see views around your place.

loulee said...

Those pesky whites!!
What an unusual flower.

Janice said...

What an unusual plant.