Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Day 21

Wee White polyanthus which are recovering from the very dry conditions we had over Summer.

 Today I made a mixed grain loaf of bread in the bread maker. It came out well but the paddle that mixes it didn't fold right down before cooking so it got a hole in the bottom when done.
 I am pleased with the moist texture. It had wholemeal and plain flour 50/50 plus black sesame seeds sunflower seed and oregano.

 I had to eat the holey piece for my afternoon tea, just to check it was okay. ( it was )

 We have been having a couple of days of windy showery weather and the place was looking messy. It fined up this afternoon so R and I took to the mowers - him on the ride of course doing the big areas and me with my hand mower doing my little patch out the back of the house. It looks so much better. That was my exercise for today. With the rain the patchiness of the lawn is improving. The herb garden on the right in the photo is still going well. ( Mint, parsley, Rosemary, thyme, chives and a yellow capsicum )  All sprawling out onto the path but there is still room to walk by.
 Some of the daily flowers I have been posting are growing along this wall ( enlarge it if you want to see.) 

 Yes  lovely neighbour got the 9 items I asked for . She is so kind to us older ones.( she is 60 something ) we are 70 something. I could quite easily be getting our own groceries but as over 70s we were told to stay in so that's what I'm doing.

 Today I started a patchwork project. Yes you read that right. More will be revealed. Because it isn't pleasant out side I was mostly doing indoor things. I'm glad to finally have decided to make something useful I have been meaning to do for ages.


kiwikid said...

Your neighbour is a lovely person helping out like that. Good to hear y9u you are getting some rain, my hubby mowed the lawns yesterday too.

Janice said...

Yum. Homemade bread smells so good. Something I never make.