Friday, April 10, 2020

Day 16 ( Good Friday )

 Today a very bright red Vireya rhododendron. 
I have planted lots of red ones some white ( with scent ) and some apricot. All except one doing well. The last one I put in succumbed to drought.

 Today I walked somewhere different. I went a long way. It was worth it just to meet these 3 bears at a gateway. Suitably protected. I saw other walkers on the way back and kids on bikes giving no warning of their approach which is worrying.

 I also saw a large cardboard painted Easter Egg ( maybe a little early, but cheerful all the same. )

 Sadly today we learn a 90 year old has died in the South Island.
 Our total is 1283 with 373 recovered.


Janice said...

It's sad there has been another death. NZ has done so well to keep the lid on things. I love you rhodo and isn't it fun to find bears.

Mary said...

Sad to learn of the death, such tough time for all now. Here in our state we've had 65 deaths and have 3,651 resting positive as of this morning.

Not familiar with such a brilliant red rhodie - so pretty.
Stay safe dear and enjoy what for all of us will be a quiet Easter.
Mary -

kiwikid said...

That flower is beautiful, the bears are cute. Kids need to be taught to ring the bells on their bikes to call out to let other walkers know they are coming, scares you otherwise. Very sad to hear there has been another death.

loulee said...

Love those bears.
Yes, it is sad to read of the deaths, two more since you wrote, but NZ is still in a much better place than many countries. I am grateful for that.

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