Friday, April 17, 2020

Day 23.

 This chrysanthemum started off inside the house as a pot plant last year and was later planted out in the garden under a cherry tree. It is in a very windswept place but is  struggling into flower. I love white and green ones particularly and strangely I quite like how they smell.

Here's a peek at my sewing project. So far all cut out and 11 of the strips joined. My eyes are delighting in the colours so far. Mostly batiks. Progress is a bit slow cause I keep having to do other things like pick up more feijoas. Raewyn I too have found some frozen ones from last year. I prefer them raw but R sometimes persuades me to make a crumble from apple / feijoa mix.

 Today I walked for 45 minutes with my umbrella up. Not cause it was raining all the way but because the catch that keeps it open is like a mousetrap and suddenly shuts, so once it was up I kept like that. In some places I had to point it down into the wind to stop it turning inside out but never mind seeing all the neighbourhood Autumn colours makes me happy( and I don't have to pick up those leaves - just the ones that can't be mown up in our place ).  
 In all that time I saw one other person!


Peter parker said...
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kiwikid said...

Pretty flowers, I like your batiks, they look great together.

loulee said...

Oooh! What are you doing with those pretty blues??

Raewyn said...

It's amazing what one discovers in the freezer at times! Apple and feijoa cake happened the other day - that was pretty nice...think I might bake some more of those types of things for the freezer as I have so much unprocessed fruit in there already!