Friday, April 24, 2020

Day 30.

A gazania  ( with an interesting face ) that grows at the edge of retaining wall. It is drought tolerant so a suitable place for it and its mates with prostrate thyme growing around them. The lime tree growing above and behind them constantly drops leaves and fruit on top of them. We don't actually use many of the limes much preferring lemons.

 This morning I made Anzac biscuits, I think it was a year ago I last made them. That's the end of my coconut though so a good timely  use for it.

 I am impressed with how much sewing some of you are doing.....I keep sneaking out to the garden as my first preference when the sun is out. Stay well, be happy.


loulee said...

We are fortunate that a local bakery was permitted to open, they make limited stock each day, but we managed to score a batch of ANZAC biccies for home delivery.

Pam said...


Glad that you're keeping busy and seem to be well and happy. We're ok too, but so missing the grandchildren. Our First Minister was saying yesterday that we shouldn't expect restrictions to be lifted till Christmas or later. Seems impossible.

kiwikid said...

Your Anzac biscuits look yummy. Lovely flower, good idea to be in the garden while the weather is good.

Janice said...

A pretty gazania. We made Anzac biscuits yesterday too. They are so yummy. A nice thing to make each year.